Comprehensive Treatment of Dry Eye Disease

Lacrivera 360X135As a division of Stephens Instruments, Lacrivera offers a comprehensive line of products for the treatment of dry eye disease.

Punctal Occlusion—Permanent & Temporary

Punctal plugs remain a proven treatment modality for managing disorders of the ocular surface, and Lacrivera provides a wide range of punctal plugs to best suit your needs. With the VeraPlug FlexFit, an innovative design offers simple sizing, easy insertion, improved patient comfort, and superior retention in a permanent yet reversible form. Utilize Lacrivera’s absorbable punctal plugs—VeraC7, Vera90 and Vera180—to alleviate LASIK post-operative dry eye, improve surgical outcomes, or as a diagnostic assessment.

Instruments & More

Lacrivera also offers simple yet effective products for meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) treatment, including a dry eye mask or compress and gland expressor forceps.

Experience the unmatched level of customer service offered by Lacrivera and Stephens, and bring greater value to your dry eye practice.