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Stephens Instruments manufactures and distributes one of the largest selections of ophthalmic surgical instruments. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Stephens Instruments carries one of the largest surgical instrument lines for Ophthalmology with more than 1500 items. Our product range includes both reusable as well as disposable instruments. Stephens offers customized sets for Glaucoma, Cataract, Refractive, Lacrimal and Foreign Body. All sets may be modified to fit the doctors need. We offer you the freedom to create your own set as well. Other product lines include Plastic Sterilizing Trays, Sapphire Knives, Prosthetic Eyes, Spheres, and Trial Sets.

Stephens Instruments is able to offer quality instruments at competitive prices because we are the manufacturer. We place great emphasis on our quality control standards to assure that every item from the simplest wire speculum to the most complicated, intraocular scissors, is given the same rigorous quality inspection during manufacturing. Suggestions for new instruments or modifications of existing instruments will receive full and prompt attention with our guarantee of complete confidentiality.

Our in-house repair service is available for Stephens brand instruments as well as other brand name instruments. Often times an instrument that is damaged beyond repair can be modified to utilize for another purpose. Our turn around time is one of the quickest in the industry.

In order to allow the doctor the opportunity to evaluate instruments, we have a 30 day no risk trial policy. Instruments can be returned, exchanged, or purchased during this period. All instruments are guaranteed against material or manufacturers defects for the life of the instrument.

The Stephens customer service staff is available for any questions, inquiries, and orders that you may have.